Dimensions of Code Reuse

Why library-level code reuse?

In this blog post, we try to answer the question: “Why does Code Compass focus on library-level code reuse?” The tl;dr answer: because libraries are many, they are varied, they die young and they’re well-organized. Read on to learn more. [Read More]

Browsing NPM packages more effectively with Code Compass

With over 800.000 packages, the Node Package Manager (NPM) registry has grown to become the largest software repository in the world and it has become the de facto platform for sharing JavaScript libraries. With so many packages to choose from, and hundreds of new packages published every single day, how... [Read More]

Code Compass: boosting software reuse through machine learning

One of the key tenets of software engineering is to build larger software from smaller pieces, where the smaller pieces can be developed independently and packaged as libraries for reuse in many projects. While this practice has existed since the dawn of software engineering, the rise of the internet, the... [Read More]